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Last month in…. Iraq

Behind the headlines God is doing good things – 16 new house churches have been planted by our team in the last 9 months.

New groups of believers have a simple model: Over a meal they open the Bible and ask 3 questions:

1) What does it say? 2) What does it mean? 3) What will I do about it?

When they come back a few days later – the most natural question is… ‘What happened?’ Sure enough, they find the Bible works in the every day flow of life.

The outcomes are life changing. One example:

A woman we met in a new house church shared how the Jesus she heard her friends speaking about has become real due to a dream – a ‘man in white’ met her and gave a bag for her journey. She woke feeling peace and sure this man was a) Jesus b) God Himself. She loves her background and is full of respect for her upbringing, family and culture. She is also a passionate follower of Jesus, seeking his love and peace for her nation.


Please visit our support page and help make a difference to the lives of friends seeking to show God’s love in their nations.

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