Feedback on 3P training

“I now believe it is possible to plant churches in a difficult areas. I will select 5-7 people from my church, teach them what I have learned by the end of the summer and then plant a church in a difficult area near my home town in the next 6 months”

“I learned the difference between a congregational church and a house church and that each model is useful in a specific area.”

Bible Study“We didn’t know what the subjects would be. The questions I’ve been having for the last few months were answered. I’d heard about the Person of Peace, but not the whole story. We heard we can start groups with unbelievers and now we’ve found out how – it was very special – we’re not building churches, but the kingdom”

“What touched me most is to pray, go and not be afraid – to take risks.”

“I learned how it’s important not to compare ourselves to our brothers – whatever happens, I want to stay faithful to the Lord. I always sense competition between leaders – you helped us want to see our brothers be more fruitful than ourselves. I want to go back to ********* valley and share this with them – to look for what we can do together to impact our nation.”