Core Values

We have a number of core values and convictions. These shape all that we do:

3p cube

Staying focused on what we are called to do: 1) Envisioning 2) Networking 3) Training and 4) Enabling national leaders

Nationals, not internationals: We don’t send people from the west, but rather focus on indigenous believers being equipped to serve God in their own nations

A small centre: The 3P team is made up of part timers. Each has other jobs/roles, but all are experienced practitioners in training, church planting, team dynamics, envisioning and leadership.

Releasing, not controlling: We never brand anything with the name 3P. In fact, the majority of churches we have helped plant would not even know the name 3P! We don’t ‘control’ our partners, but see our role as trainer / friend / coach. This ensures national churches form their own identity and rely on God’s Word and His lead forward.

Integrity in all matters: As dedicated, active Christians, we are committed to integrity in our personal lives, finances, relationships and ministry.

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