Here are a few things trainees have said…

“You walked next to us and now we feel we have ways to mobilize leaders in our nation. We have one follower of Jesus for every 6,000 people – we need more leaders who know how to get people’s attention. This was a big step forward for us.”

3 men “I have known many foreigners in the past, but only a few have influenced me and you have done that. I know I can be better at trainer my team – now I feel confident to do it. We also know you will come back and see how we are doing.”

“We have a greater heart for people in our nation – we want to wash their feet and esteem them in a higher way. Your training is focused on Kingdom and it makes us ready but also more united.”

“We were very comfortable with you and you have become one of the family. I was worried your training would be heavy but it was light and more like a discussion of where we are, and where we need to go.”

“You help us to know we can do it – we don’t just watch you and get inspired. You make us do it, reflect and realize we can be great trainers of others. This means we are dependent on you.”

“This seminar is not the end but the beginning towards the end. We want to train our own trainers and continue with this program. It was an appetizer for us and we now believe it is possible to plant churches that can survive. We have had many seminars, lectures and courses and we intent to take action: 1. Study the material 2. Select the lessons we need 3. Create a training manual 4. Develop a training team”